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Alaafin Aganju

The royal born architect


As Sango left no issue, the crown fell to Ajaka’s son Aganju without any dispute. His reign was long and very prosperous. He had a remarkable faculty of taming wild animals and venomous reptiles, several of which may be seen crawling around him. He had also in his house a tame leopard.

He greatly beautified the palace adding piazzas in front and back, with rows of brazen posts. He originated the custom of decorating the palace with hangings on state occasions, being a sovereign of accomplished taste.

Towards the end of his reign, he waged war with a namesake of his, Aganju the Onisambo, for refusing him hand of his daughter Iyayun. In this war, four chiefs, viz. the Onisambo and his allies the Onitede, the Onimeri and the Alagbona were captured, their towns destroyed, and the bride forcibly secured.

The close of his reign was clouded by great domestic troubles, His son Lubego was discovered having illicit intercourse with his beloved Iyayun, on whose account so many princes and people have lost their lives. The stern father was enraged beyond words, the sentence pronounced on him was extreme penalty of the law, and it was rigidly carried out. But the King was overcome with grief, he died not long after this, even before the birth of a successor to the throne. The name of his Basorun was Banija, succeeded by Erankogbina.