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Alaafin Ajagbo


Ajagbo who succeeded Obalokun was remarkable for a long reign. He was to have reign 140 years and is an exception to the recent rule. He was born a twin, and so striking was the rememblance between himself and his brother Ajampati that the one was often mistaken for the other, and very often royal honours were paid to the latter as to his brother.

Ajagbo was also a warlike prince; several expeditions were sent out of him. He had a friend at Iwoye called Kokoro-gangan whom he made his Kaknafo. This was the first Kakanfo in the Yoruba country. It was his custom to send out four expeditions at the same time under four commanders. One under the Bashorun, the next under the Agbakin, the third under the Kakanfo, the fourth under the Asipa. Those under this last consisted of the youths of the metropolis.

He destroyed Iweme in the Popo country, Ile Olopa, Onko and his maternal town Ikereku-were an Egba town. The rest of his reign was peaceful. The Basorun of this reign was Akidain.