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Alaafin Egunoju


Egungunoju having succeeded his father, beacame the leader of his people to Oyo; the camp at Kusu was broken up and they carried the remains of the late King with them for state funeral at home.

They encamped next at Iju Sanya, a desert place. Whilst there two large birds an Igbo and an Oyo were seen fighting, and they chased each other from the bough of the tree under which the King sat until they came down to the ground, and he ordered both to be caught and killed.

This occurrence was regarded by him as a happy omen; he therefore resolved to build a city there and to remove the seat of government to that place. From the example of the birds, he was resolved to fight to the last drop of blood in his veins any army that came against him there, never showing the “white feather.” The city was accordingly built there, and was named Oyo Igboho, after the two birds, Igbo and Oyo, and there he buried the remains of his father.

Nothing remarkable was recorded of this king except that he built Igboho, which became the last resting-place of four Yoruba Kings before the government was again removed to the ancient capital. Obalahun was the Basorun of this reign.