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Alaafin Obalokun


Obalokun succeeded to the throne of his fathers. His mother was the daughter of Alake, the Primus of the Egba chiefs.

The most memorable event of this reign was the introduction of salt into Yoruba country. The article hitherto used for it was insipid rock salt known as Obu. Salt now known as iyo was first called dun-momo.

This King was said to be in friendly relations with the King of France (probably Portugal) with whom he had direct communication. It was said that the King sent 800 messengers with presents with presents to that European sovereign, but that they were never heard of again. Tradition says that the sounds of bells ringing in the skies was plainly heard in the Akesan (King’s) market, and it was conjectured that it was the voices of the unfortunates speaking to them from the other world to tell their fate.

What natural phenomenon this may have been due to which was interpreted thus, we do not know, but so it was believed at the time, and similar omens are not unknown to history. It was said that a white traveller visited Oyo during this reign.

This King placed the first Ajele (political resident) at Ijana near Ilaro, with the title of Onisare. The appointment of an Onisare was regularly from Oyo and he must be a Tapa by birth.

He sent an expedition into the Ijesa country which was ambushed and defeated by the tribe known as Ijesa Arera, the Oyo’s being then unaccustomed to bush fighting. So great was the loss of life in this expedition that the Ologbo was sent as a town crier to inform the bereaved of their losses in war.

During this reign Sabigana immigrated from the Sabe to the Yoruba country. The Basorun of this reign was Iba Magaji