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Alaafin Odarawu


Odawaru was the successor. His reign was very short. He had a bad temper which was his cause of his been rejected. His short reign became a proverb, and often used to point a moral, and as a warning to succeeding Kings and also to inculcate a lesson of patience and forbearance.

On his accession he was asked according to custom who was his enemy; he replied Ojo segi, i.e. a town in the kingdom named after the Baale thereof. The reason he gave for this was that when a private man, he was once insulted by the baale’s wife. The alleged insult was under the following circumstances: He was accustomed then to trade in the provinces, and on one occasion he went to the market to buy eko for his dinner, the seller whom approached happened to be the Baale’s wife; both buyer and seller were ignorant of each other’s position. Eko then was sold for a cowry each; he bought six and paid five cowries as a privilege of his birth. The seller not knowing that he was an Akeyo (prince) and considering herself insulted thereby, in the heat of passion gave him a slap, and called him a thief for the one cowry withheld!

The King’s order for the destruction of the town was obeyed, but the Oyo people surmised that this would be a heartless tyrant, who, on account of a single cowry harboured such malice and resentment within him as subsequently to order the destruction of so many lives of his peaceful and loyal subjects. On this account, having fulfilled his wishes, he was rejected. He therefore committed suicide. Akidain survived the late King and was the Basorun of this reign too.