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Alaafin Oluaso

The handsome but strong....Orewa S'akin


The unfortunate king was succeeded by a handsome and amiable prince called Oluaso, who was remarkable for his longevity and peaceful reign. His agnomen was Osarewa S’akin i.e, handsome but strong. He was a wise and amiable sovereign fabled to have reigned for 320 years, and had 1460 children! Three times did nine of his wives bear him male twins in one day.

The first set he named Omola, the second Ona-aka, and the third Ona-isokun. Of these three sets of twins the last (Ona-Isokun) were the most popular and Kings were chosen from amongst them and their descendants. These names have become hereditary titles unto this day. The King built 54 palaces for these 54 princes all of whom rose to positions of trust and responsibility by their own merits.

He originated and built 120 kobis to the royal palace. He was ably assisted by his Basorun, Esugbiri-Esu. He lived to a good old age, and died full of days and honour, and his longevity has passed into a proverb. “O ni ki o gbo ogbo Oluaso o le jiya Oluaso?” You pray to live as long as Oluaso, can you endure the trials of Oluaso? Old age has its own trials and sufferings. His son Onigbogi succeeded him on the throne. Esugbiri-Esu was the Basorun of his reign.