Project Details

Transmission Company of Nigeria
Oluewu village, Oyo-Alaafin
Year Completed:
FGN Power Project

Project Overview

The 132 KV Transmission substation is located at Oluewu village on an expanse of over 100 acres of land to accommodate the substation in order to achieve a more stable and regular power supply for Oyo Metropolis and its environs.

Project Objective: The construction and establishment of a 132kV Transmission Substation in Oyo Metropolis represents a critical infrastructure development initiative aimed at enhancing the reliability and efficiency of the electrical grid within the region. The primary objectives of this project are as follows:

  1. Enhanced Power Supply: To improve the quality and availability of electricity supply to the Oyo Metropolis, meeting the increasing demands of residential, commercial, and industrial consumers.
  2. Grid Reliability: To strengthen the overall grid infrastructure, reduce transmission losses, and minimize power interruptions, thereby ensuring a more stable power supply to the metropolis.
  3. Facilitating Economic Growth: By providing a robust electrical infrastructure, the project is expected to facilitate economic growth, attract investments, and support local businesses and industries, ultimately leading to job creation and improved living standards.

Project Scope: The scope of the Oyo Metropolis 132kV Transmission Substation Project encompasses several critical components, including:

  1. Construction of the Substation: The project involves the construction of a state-of-the-art 132kV substation equipped with modern and reliable electrical equipment and infrastructure.
  2. Grid Interconnection: The substation is interconnected with the existing national power grid, ensuring seamless power transmission between various substations and ensuring grid stability.
  3. Transformer Installation: High-capacity transformers are installed to step up or step down voltage levels, enabling efficient power distribution within the metropolis.
  4. Control and Monitoring Systems: The substation features advanced control and monitoring systems to optimize power flow, manage demand, and respond to contingencies in real-time.
  5. Security and Safety Measures: Comprehensive security and safety measures was implemented to protect the substation from external threats and ensure the well-being of personnel working at the facility.

Environmental Considerations: The project adhered to environmental best practices to minimize any potential impact on the local ecosystem and surrounding communities. Environmental assessments and mitigation plans will be an integral part of the project’s implementation.

Community Engagement: Community engagement and stakeholder consultations was conducted by Oyo Metropolitan Development Association to address concerns, gather input, and ensure that the project is aligned with the needs and expectations of the local population.

Project Timeline: The project was completed within a specified timeframe, with ongoing monitoring and maintenance to ensure its long-term reliability and functionality.

The Oyo Metropolis 132kV Transmission Substation Project represents a significant investment in infrastructure, providing a foundation for reliable and sustainable power supply for the growing urban area. It is a testament to the commitment to improving the quality of life, fostering economic development, and enhancing the overall well-being of the Oyo Metropolis and its residents.