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Power Generation

  1. Fencing of the 133KVA sub-station was championed and executed by the Oyo Metropolitan Development Association under the chairmanship of the Emeritus Archbishop (Rtd.) Prince L.S. Ayo Ladigbolu with notable supports by the sons and daughters of Oyo-Alaafin.

Project Objective: The construction and establishment of a 132kV Transmission Substation in Oyo Metropolis represents a critical infrastructure development initiative aimed at enhancing the reliability and efficiency of the electrical grid within the region. The primary objectives of this project are as follows:

  1. Enhanced Power Supply: To improve the quality and availability of electricity supply to the Oyo Metropolis, meeting the increasing demands of residential, commercial, and industrial consumers.
  2. Grid Reliability: To strengthen the overall grid infrastructure, reduce transmission losses, and minimize power interruptions, thereby ensuring a more stable power supply to the metropolis.
  3. Facilitating Economic Growth: By providing a robust electrical infrastructure, the project is expected to facilitate economic growth, attract investments, and support local businesses and industries, ultimately leading to job creation and improved living standards.